January 13, 2013

Welcome To LowdTown

It takes a lot of persistence in today’s world to make a living in the digital creative field. Of course, many grow scared and turn to a more stable career field. As much persistence and bravery as taking this career path calls for, building your own business and making your own mark takes an entirely new level of confidence and aforementioned persistence.  Today I would like to take the time to profile a brand that has taken the computer and has made it a tool. This brand is the walking embodiment of what it means to use the computer as a tool in your arsenal to create beautiful works of art.

I want to tell you about a place called LowdTown.

I first caught wind of this incredible apparel brand about 5 months ago. What I should say is I caught wind of the artist behind the brand Ray Masaki about that time ago. A friend of mine was obsessively drooling over a series of speed paintings on YouTube under the channel name Lowdtown (Loud-Town). A few days later I found myself drooling over these videos. The artist would show his process of taking his scanned in drawings and turning them into digital works of professional grade art.

After spending hours obsessing over the videos, I learned that Ray was an artist based in New York and is trying to start a clothing brand. Yep, I hear this from my peers at least a million times a year. Some starving artist wants to start a clothing brand, but it eventually crumbles around them and they are brought back to real life. No offense to all the dreamers (Hey I’m an artist, too) and I believe in success, but I have heard this story in my community time and time again and I’m sure there’s tons of others in cities around the country who have done the same.

You see, people can have the talent and persistence to go after art, but they put in zero time to focus on the boring side. I’m talking about the business side, the side where one would have to study the rules and regulations of being a corporation in the United States of America. It is not an easy feat, consumes a lot of time and money and not to mention being tedious when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of America’s business system.

This is the part where I’ve seen so many of my peers run away screaming and start their lives over. It was almost like seeing them coming home from war, being all shaken up from the trials of life.

With all that said, I counted this guy out and with good reason. His YouTube hadn’t been updated for at least half of a year at this point. It was like he disappeared.

So for about 5 months I hadn’t the thought of Ray Masaki, his extraordinary digital art and the immaculate brand; out of site and out of mind.

Well flash forward to a little while ago. Curiosity got the best of me and I started to Google all of the said failed projects of my peers and others across the net.  Nothing too surprising… websites suspended due to non-payment, old friends taking their non-trademarked logos from the face of the net, and so on and so forth.

But there was one who stuck around, one who not only still stood tall, but progressed with time.

You guessed it, Ray Masaki’s Lowdtown.

I found out that the brand had started a Kickstarter account (which is a website where people can donate money to other people or up and coming companies for their projects) and blew his own expectations out of the window. The original goal was around 2,000 big ones, but due to the popularity of the youtube videos he made around 5,000. Not bad, not bad at all.

The clothing line even has a website that is easy on the eyes with an assortment of apparel ranging from sweatshirts to bucket hats bearing the logo.

It looks as if the past few months had been good to the lifestyle brand. I was happy to find that a digital artist in this day and age has found a way to prevail against the odds and inspire others in the digital creative community.

Check out all the goodness at Lowdtown.com.

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