What Happened to The Firefox Phone?
July 18, 2013

What Happened To The Firefox Phone?

Sometime around this time about a year ago, a loud thunder shot out through the tech industry. That sound was that of Mozilla announcing their entry into the smartphone Operating System war. That very notion gained the attention of nerdy news outlets, tech sites and us tech bloggers who crave to see the next wave in the endless ocean of technology (and it also may have sent a few shivers up the legs of Google and Apple I bet).

Well… that was a year ago and now the Firefox OS has hit phones and now widely (somewhat) available, but there was just one thing missing. Where were the legions of loyal devotees that line up in droves like that of the new iPhone releases or those of the new Windows versions? Where were those who hit the message boards announcing their love and devotion to the OS like those of Google’s Android platform?

The question is. Where are the fans?

In recent polls, the two top dogs came out to be (surprise, surprise!) Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS, while the others (you know who you are) barely even took in any percentage of the smartphone market (like always)! This includes the Blackberry, Windows and, yes, the Firefox phones. Even with a self-proclaimed better internet than any other platform on the market, the operating system still hasn’t picked up any steam.

Is there any bug or any big problem that kills the experience? I couldn’t tell you. The people around me are caught all up in their iPhones and Samsung Galaxies and have not even heard of a Firefox operating system. And nope, there is no one complaining on the web about any faults the system may have which is mostly due to the fact that no one owns a Firefox powered smartphone!

But, is there a method to all of this madness? Is coming in last place only a ploy to set them up for a title shot with the devious duo that run this smartphone game?

When the OS was first announced, there were some rumors swirling that Mozilla was trying to market the phone to places like parts of Spain and South America (Brazil to be more specific) in order to support emerging markets and already have an installed base when markets like these grow and become major players in the global tech industry. If this is true, then I can see the plan in action. These guys would have already carved a spot in the hearts of these new consumers by the time the top dogs catch the market on the map and finally decide to bombard the people with propaganda-like ads.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the phones powered by the OS are super cheap (we’re talking three US dollars a month cheap!).

Maybe avoiding the American market could be not only a good move, but a better move to pick up ground in this bloodthirsty war for OS dominance. I will admit the plan is a little different, but no one ever became successful by following the pack.

Image Credit: Mozilla

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