What I'd Like To See South Park Rip On
October 5, 2013

What I’d Like To See South Park Rip On

Last Thursday started the 17th season of South Park and boy what a way to start a season, even if it was somewhat predictable. It felt well written and renewed my hope for another strong season, full of witty satire and clever writing that has made South Park a classic. Although it probably won’t happen, here are a few things I think could be ripped on beautifully.

Robin Thicke

Seriously, this guy needs it. He’s just another run of the mill one hit wonder who is overstaying his welcome and is only a few cheeseburgers and a receding hairline away from becoming the stereotypical creeper in a bar, complete with velvet shirt and half exposed hair covered beer belly. And yes, he’s easy to make fun of. Not because he’s putting himself out in the “spotlight” but because he’s a joke; his real claim to fame is that Vevo allowed him to show a few naked girls in a video. Ron Jeremy laughs at you.

Breaking Bad (Fans)

Ooh, this one’s a saucy topic, ready to be torn into. Don’t misinterpret this (you will), but I loved Breaking Bad. I thought it was a refreshing spin at morals that didn’t start to cross into borderline physiological issues and drown itself in misguided attempts of explanation of said issues (Dexter), but dear Christ on a stick the fans absolutely ruined it. Whether it was acting like vegans at a barbeque and telling everyone they know about why its SOOO GUD or seeing symbols in every aspects regardless of reason (and therefore creating reasons) for everything, the fans were nothing but preachy assholes who made this show irritating.

Link related: this is an accurate description of how a Breaking Bad fanatic sees a still from the show. http://imgur.com/M6nGsJy

Website Journalists

Ahh yes, how can we forget about the humble website author? Quite easily. Coming from all walks of life, these writers often humbly set out in hopes of making their way as a writer through the website. Instead, they’re often lost in an endless wave of over hyped titles and half-heartedly written articles with more padding than a quarterback in the Super Bowl. And, of course, not being paid very well for quality work, but incentivized to write more sensationalist crap. Because there’s nothing more entertaining than watching your hopes and dreams being shattered in front of your eyes when something you worked on for weeks gets less views and comments than a sensationalist story about some poor guy getting his penis cut off.

People who take things too seriously.

Not to be confused with the type of A Grade asshole who makes fun of everyone and then gets defensive whenever someone makes a joke at his expense, the guy who takes things too serious is far different. He can be observed in the wild calculating out his life to the last second and coming up with shorthanded answers whenever asked about possible scenarios that are out of his control. And if disturbed, you can observe the joke going completely over his head as he begins his violent self-consciousness infused tirade of fury.

People who openly ask Matt Stone and Trey Parker to make an episode about certain topics.

Why not do a satire on this? I mean, it’s practically written itself.

Image Credit: South Park Studios

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