What To Do About A Nutellaholic
February 16, 2014

What To Do About A Nutellaholic

Okay, confession time—I love Nutella. I am not a big sweets person, but sometimes a nice, big scoop of Nutella to dip my apple slices into hits the spot. The sweetness of the cocoa along with the rich hazelnut taste is just to die for. It is so good.

And I know I am not alone in my adoration for the Nutella. In fact, not that long ago, the Huffington Post published an article identifying the 18 signs that a friend (or maybe even yourself) needs a Nutella intervention. I know. I know. How dare they, right? I mean, no one gets between my Nutella and me. But really, the article was pretty funny, and even a Nutella lover like me appreciates the point. So, let’s take a look at some of the 18 signs.

1) Celebrating Nutella Day

So, if your love for Nutella carries over into celebrating World Nutella Day (turns out it was February 5…who knew?), perhaps that is just a little too much Nutella. Or maybe it’s just not enough? Hmmm?

2) The Nutella Life Motto

Accordingly, your friend needs a Nutella intervention when she proclaims loudly and proudly, “Keep Calm and Eat Nutella.” Now, the delicious hazelnut and cocoa butter can do much for the world, but I am not sure that this motto is really one to live by. It just might be dangerous if you live by this.

3) 35 ounces is Just Not Enough

When the 35-ounce jar of Nutella just is not enough to satisfy you, then maybe, just maybe, you have a problem. That is quite a bit of Nutella, yo!

4) Never Leave Without the To-go Pack of Nutella

If you have to have the to-go Nutella in your purse, stashed away in the car, hidden in a drawer at work, and in your gym locker just in case you need a taste, then that might lead to a Nutella intervention. Don’t get me wrong; I understand the love, but to-go Nutella just might be a bit much.

5) Owning Nutella Gear

Before writing this article, I only thought I loved Nutella. Turns out that I am a rookie at best because there really are Nutella products including cell phone covers, jewelry, clothing, mugs, and even messenger bags. And that’s just from the Nutella Store on the Nutella website.

6) Halloween Costumes

That’s right. Some people make Halloween costumes for themselves or their kid to dress up like a Nutella container. That is commitment and dedication to a love for a food. Dressing up like a jar of Nutella shows and acts the love.

7) Half Full Is Just Not Good Enough

Any lover of Nutella knows that a half-full jar means danger, and nothing is worse than going to the kitchen for a little nip of Nutella only to find an empty jar. Yes, it is devastating. So, why not just find the largest jar possible. Around different holidays, one can find novelty jars large enough to last most people the entire year. Most people.

If you suffer from only one or two of these signs, then don’t worry. But anymore than that and you just might need that intervention. At least you need someone to say, “Stop. Put the Nutella back on the shelf, and walk out of the grocery store.” A little time away from Nutella will do you some good. And just think about it; when you finally eat it again, it will be like bliss in your mouth.  Mmmm-mmmm, Nutella.

Image Credit: Ferrero

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