January 23, 2013

What Would Happen If…?

A low pressure on the 23rd developed over Eastern Japan and brought some cold air to Japan and created snow in the capital city of Tokyo along with heavier snow amounts into the higher terrain around the city. Then this same storm moved into the Gulf of Alaska on the 25th. Here it will probably create a large area of high seas and winds in excess of 50mph over the open ocean along with a rain boundary and snow mixing in with the boundary.

Now on the 27th what would happen when that same low pressure now moves into Western Canada would it create more snow in the mountains and also into the Plains of Canada along with colder air filtering in behind it.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

How about on the 28th what would happen if it moves across the Canada and North Dakota border? Would it bring about two to four inches of snow to the Northern Plains and a burst of cold air behind it may by sending the temps back to below zero along with wind chills around -30 to -40F again for that same region.

Where would it go from there it would probably slide right over top of the Great Lakes creating another snow storm for the lakes as the lake effect snows would start to get strong again, along with that the winds would become northwesterly and blustery over the region creating bad conditions in the area.

Would it then move into the Northeast around the end of the month? That is very possible that it could bring some moderate snows into the Northeast region for places like Boston and maybe down into New York City.

Now that we know this it might be time to get ready for such an event to occur.  This event would impact many people bringing with it lots of snow to many places and another bout of cold air to a good portion of the Northern United States.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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