October 27, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Be This Halloween?

Halloween is soon upon us, and parents everywhere are scrambling to find the perfect costume for their kids. Some will just use the old standards—ghosts, witches, princess, animals, and the like—while others will venture into something more creative. I thought a nice little list of the top 2012 children’s costumes was in order in accordance with the holiday. Goodhousekeeping.com provided a good list of the top 15, but I’ve paired it down to the top five boys’ costumes and top five girls’ costumes.

Let’s start with girls:

5. Ghost—this costume is one that either boys or girls can don. The ghost is a classic costume for most. From decades of using a sheet with eye holes to the new fancy ghost costumes at the store, children have many options in this choice.

4. Disney Princess—little girls love those Disney princesses! They can pretend to be Ariel or Aurora, Jasmine or Tiana, and even Tinkerbell; little girls can find any number of opportunities to play like their favorite Disney princess.

3. Pirate—like the ghost, this is a great costume no matter the age or the gender. Little girls can dress like pirates just like little boys. This fun fantasy also allows them to talk like pirates…Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!

2. Witch—now little girls can be pretty witches as well as the green, wart-infested kind of the past. Who doesn’t want to carry a wand and pretend to be able to fly on a broom?

1. Princess—the traditional princess costume should not be confused with the Disney Princess costumes. The generic princess allows little girls to be princesses as themselves while the Disney Princess costumes mean they are their favorite princess from the movies.

And now onto boys:

5. Pumpkin—here’s yet another costume that would work for either boys or girls. And every time we see it on a little kid, it is just too cute.

4. Ghost—I just love the little ghosts.

3. Superhero—like the princess for girls, the superhero for boys allows boys to be their favorite superhero or to just be a generic superhero as themselves. They can have a power to save the world for just one day.

2. Pirate—Aye, Mate-y!

1. Spider-Man—And if your little guy just can’t pick which superhero, there’s always a surfeit of Spider-Man options. I guess he’s the #1 superhero this year.

I was particular pleased to see that the top two costumes for girls were classics. More Halloweens than not, I was either a witch or a princess. I guess I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to be good or not. I also think it’s great that both categories had gender-neutral costumes. Of course, any little boy can dress like a princess and any little girl can don a superhero costume, but I really like the idea that some of the top costumes work for both.

Once the little guy or gal has chosen a costume, then comes the decision of whether to wear a store-bought costume or make one at home. I am of the opinion that the homemade costumes are always best. They may not be a perfect replica, but the experience of making the costume with the kids is well worth the time and effort. If parents are short on time, a store-bought costume will work in a pinch.

Finally, sometimes the most popular costumes are not necessarily the best. Sometimes choosing something different inspires creativity and fun, too. Regardless of the costumes, dressing up is always a good time!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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Rayshell E. Clapper is an Associate Professor of English at a rural college in Oklahoma where she teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition classes. She has presented her original fiction and non-fiction at several conferences and events including: Scissortail Creative Writing Festival, Howlers and Yawpers Creativity Symposium, Southwest/Texas Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association Regional Conference, and Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. Her publications include Cybersoleil Journal, Sugar Mule Literary Magazine, Red Dirt Anthology, Originals, and Oklahoma English Journal. Beyond her written works, she successfully created a writer's group in rural Oklahoma to support burgeoning writers. The written word is her passion, and all she experiences inspires that passion. She hopes to help inspire others through her words.

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