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November 5, 2012

What’s On Your Bucket List?

I’m a list maker.  I make packing lists before I go on a trip, I make “to do” lists every night before I go to sleep.  I make lists of reasons to stay in a relationship, Christmas presents I need to buy and things I want to knit.  I even keep a list of geocaches I want to do around the country.  You would think, with all that list making, I was a very organized person.  HAH!  Those lists are because my brain is scattered, I’m easily distracted, and I love to head off into the sunset rather than do what I should be doing.   So lists can be a lifesaver for a scatterbrain like me.

But I also keep a list of goals… things I want for my future.

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of a bucket list, right?  It is a list of experiences, goals, places and things you want to do and see before you “kick the bucket.”  The idea was made famous by the 2007 movie, “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

That movie inspired me, and I’m sure millions of others, to put together their own list.  Mine gets revised every couple of years, but some things stay the same.

1. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
2. Visit Russia
3. Live in Spain for a year.
4. Write a novel
5. Learn to hang glide
6. Do a “Hemingway” tour of Europe
7. Camp in the Redwoods
8.  See the Northern Lights
9. Stay in an Igloo hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland
10. Study meditation at a Buddhist temple

Notice, some of my list is about things I want to learn, some things I want to see, and some things I want to accomplish.  A well rounded bucket list should have all of those things. How do you create a bucket list?  PersonalExcellence.com suggests the following list of questions:

  1. What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?
  2. What would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
  3. What have you always wanted to do but have not done yet?
  4. Any countries, places or locations you want to visit?
  5. What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  6. What do you want to see in person?
  7. What achievements do you want to have?
  8. What experiences do you want to have / feel?
  9. Are there any special moments you want to witness?
  10. What activities or skills do you want to learn or try out?
  11. What are the most important things you can ever do?
  12. What would you like to say/do together with other people? People you love? Family? Friends?
  13. Are there any specific people you want to meet in person?
  14. What do you want to achieve in the different areas: Social, Love, Family, Career, Finance, Health (Your weight, Fitness level), Spiritual?
  15. What do you need to do to lead a life of the greatest meaning?

I think that the most important part of having a bucket list is realizing you don’t have to wait until the doctor says “you have six months to live” to start marking things off the list.  In fact, if you listen to life coach Tim Ferris – author of the 4-Hour Work Week and the 4-Hour Body – you should take mini-retirements all through your work life.

Your satisfaction with your life will be higher and so will your enjoyment if you start marking things off that list as soon as you make it.

So, write to me. Tell me what are the top five things on your bucket list and what are you going to do to make that list a reality.

Image Credit: Louis D. Wiyono/Shutterstock

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