October 12, 2012

Where Are You, iPad Mini?

October 10th came and went with nary an Apple invite to a special event wherein they may or may not have introduced the new iPad Jr, Air or Mini. If you had asked nearly anyone with any relative amount of Apple wisdom earlier this week, they might have said with a good deal of confidence that an Apple announcement was near and yet…nothing.

Jim Dalrymple, the issuer of “Nopes” and “Yeps” even hinted at a quiet day twice on Twitter, first saying, “It’s going to be a good day. I may play guitar and laugh a lot” followed later with “I think I’ll take a break and go get some lunch. It’s a quiet day.”

Turns out he was right, as the normal hour for Apple announcements came and went, leaving many scratching their heads in curiosity.

This was a sure thing, right?

Even case manufacturers, who aren’t ALWAYS right, after all, decided to push their coin across the table and bet big on an impending “iPad Mini” announcement. One day after the announcement was “supposed” to happen, AppleInsider ran a story about one Best Buy store which had already been shipped standalone displays for iPad Mini cases (the name was there and everything) with a note instructing employees not to peek inside. According to the tipsters, the instructions on how to put together the displays just happened to “fall out” of the boxes and onto the floor.

But hey, why miss an opportunity? Snap some pictures and send them in to your favorite rumor site!

Last week, Macotakara had another story about some case manufacturers who had halted production of their cases due to a “Design change” in the iPad Mini.

While it would seem as if we got pretty close to an actual acknowledgment and announcement of this rumored iPad smaller this time around, missed deadline that wasn’t is honestly par for the course. We may have heard stories about prototypes and identifiers in developer archives and even leaked images, but overall, the iPad Mini has always felt like a product analysts and pundits have been calling for rather than a product Apple was destined to make.

As Wednesday came and went, we were all reminded of the true nature of Apple. They don’t announce anything until they do, and the specific details about said announcement are subject to change until 9:41 AM CST on the day of the great unveiling.

The iPhone 5 announcement spoiled us all. That Apple would announce a new phone was a given; They will release a new iPhone every year for the foreseeable future. That we knew 90% of the specifics about the new iPhone was…strange. Many writers (this one, included) had assumed that because we knew so much about the i5 going into the announcement, perhaps the iPad Mini would follow suit.

There’s too much momentum behind the iPad Mini right now to assume that it isn’t coming. After all, the Wall Street Journal doesn’t throw out claims about products being in mass production lightly.

The October 10th announcement rumor, on the other hand?

Well, even Phillip Elmer-Dewitt, the man who first claimed this date, said that the sources behind it were sketchy at best.

After all, his source was just an investor with “multiple sources,” proof that even APPL shareholders are left in the dark until Apple decides to turn the lights on.

I have to think if the Mini is coming out this year, they’ll be announcing it very soon. Otherwise, it would make sense (to me, at least) for them to announce it in one, large iPad event. Both iPads, one event.

But then again, we never know.

Image Credit: FuzzBones / Shutterstock

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