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January 19, 2013

Where To Buy The Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 has now been sold out on Google Play for more than one month. Google has been relatively silent about the matter, save for a few quips about friction with LG in the press.

The latest hint of when sales begin comes from an obscure source: a translated interview with an LG official and a French publication. Nonetheless, it is still rumor at this point about when productions may ramp up again, or if there is a successor to be released soon.

So what does one do who wants the latest and greatest pure Google experience? If you are willing to be resourceful and part with additional money, a Nexus 4 can be yours.

Here are what I have found after a thorough search of the Internet.

T-Mobile: The “unnetwork” is now selling the device directly. Unfortunately, just like on Google Play, it is sold out online. Your best shot is to head to a retail store and see if a device is in stock. You will have to buy the device on-contract, unlike the Google Play model, but it will at least get you the phone with a reasonable rate plan.

Amazon: The price is higher, but there are some quantities of the Nexus 4 for sale at the online behemoth. The advantage here is it can be contract-free, which is part of the original appeal of the device. Plus, if you truly hate it Amazon has a good return policy or you can resell it elsewhere online.

Ebay: Again, this will come at a premium, but there are plenty of models of the Nexus 4 available as an auction or Buy It Now offer. If you are willing to take some time, monitor a variety of auctions and then hone in on getting the best price. Since there are so many at the auction site, try and go for one that is new-in-box.

For those who were originally attracted to the Nexus 4 because of the low price for an unlocked phone, none of these options are likely to be appealing. The best choice then is just to wait for LG to get its supply issues straightened out.

Have you been able to score the Nexus 4 elsewhere? Feel free to share your findings or reach out.

Image Credit: Derek Walter

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