Who Cares About Female Leads In Games? (Part 2)
July 23, 2013

Who Cares About Female Leads In Games? (Part 2)

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The more deaths I had, the worse my stomach felt when I’d realized that I made a mistake. Tomb Raider showcases Lara Croft unsheathed and uncensored; she curses and ponders on thoughts away from the main script that really gives you a personal view of her life. She’s essentially the rich girl turned adventurer.

Again, Lara Croft is a god damned woman.

The irony here is that any man worth his metal would give anything for even a glimpse of a second just to speak to a woman like Lara Croft, and she’s a video game character! Women are as much a part of men’s imaginations as are Zelda, Marcus Fenix and Master Chief. Male gamers love women! They’re just idiots.

As the game progressed on, I was completely stunned by all of the images depicted on my screen; rape, blood, gore, entrails, a sea of human bones and animal parts, and of course the all too familiar feeling that you’ve stepped in dog shit. The more I watched Lara do her thing, the more apparent it became to me that everyone has it all wrong.

Gamers are not sexist as a whole, or even a part for that matter. They don’t have hate for women, and often times these guys haven’t even seen a woman. The matter of the fact is that, like Facebook and Twitter, video games have programmed gamers to only think for a split second if not five minutes about their decisions. One second not moving in Halo can cost you a life, and in Gears of War standing still is all you need to do to get sniped in the face.

We’re impulsive.

I mean does it really seem reasonable that male gamers don’t actually love female gamers? We’re talking about two completely different generations of human being raised with different societal roles, different social obligations, and finally different lives projected by your career. American society pretty much dictates that everyone is an asshole to each other.

The solution? It’s simple! Just imagine what it’s like to be a woman!

It sucks. It really does.

But the generational solution here isn’t a one sided argument; men don’t just suck. In fact, you might say that the gap in social aspects between both genders is the defining characteristic of being a man. Maybe they’re not raised to properly understand and respect women. Maybe they never will.

I’m not sure, but what’s certain is that female leads like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider aren’t the first of their kind.

Who needs female leads in video games? I DO! I believe you do as well.

Image Credit: Square Enix

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