Why a Gears of War movie never Happened
March 16, 2013

Why A Gears Of War Movie Never Happened

Gears of War appeared exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2006, and spanned four games in a series of intense and emotionally gripping story narratives. Most don’t realize that Gears of War’s lore branched out into a series of books by Karen Travis (which I advise any fan and reading buff to check out), giving fans a bit of insight on the story of Marcus and Dom before they were pulled into the war with the Locust.

Ironically, even with Gears of War’s formidable story elements, a movie was never put into production. I scoured the Internet for sources and information on such an endeavor and found nothing. What I did find was an interesting story on an almost-there project that Len Wiseman was slated to direct. Most of you remember Len Wiseman from his work with directing the Underworld series, also featuring Wiseman’s wife, Kate Beckinsale.

According to sources, Wiseman planned on taking the movie back before the events of Gears of War to explain how Marcus got his pretty scar. Kate Beckinsale was slated to make an appearance in the movie, which Wiseman regarded as a more feminine touch to the gory third person shooter. If this was Wiseman’s intention with the film then I’m glad it never saw the light of day. New Line productions soon slashed his budget down to $100,000,000, effectively causing Wiseman to drop out of the project.

If Beckinsale was in fact planning on making her appearance in the movie, than her odds disappeared with Wiseman.

Amid the tears

I’m never okay with a movie that I know won’t pay respect to the lore and literature of film-making. In essence, to not at least try to stay within the atmosphere of the movie proves to me that Wiseman was not a good choice to direct Gears of War. My opinion on the form of filmmaking doesn’t out right declare that we all can’t have a bit of fun.

In fact, I’m all for a re-imagining of a video game’s lore. I draw the line at an outright mockery of the games origins.

What constitutes a mockery? For starters, sailing away from said movie’s atmosphere, or better yet the entire concept for that matter is a mockery. The Hunger Games’ transition into movie format was a mockery. The Legend of Bagger Vance’s transition into movie format was a mockery. These two examples don’t perfectly define the term as I’m thinking them in. However, that fact shouldn’t derail your perception of how I consider films.

And Finally

Films don’t belong exclusively to the literature front; sometimes, they can be purely for fun. Fight Club was a perfect visual translation taken from the book of the same name. Aflred Hitchcock’s translation of Psycho by the book of the same name was pure cinematic gold by industry standards.

Films don’t have to be serious, but they also don’t have to be complete garbage.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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