December 17, 2012

Why Do Robots NEED To Look Human?

Among other features of robotic creations, the aspect of their humanoid features causes concern among anarchists. So why are engineers trying so hard to make robots look so much like their creators?

As advanced creationists, which they are undoubtedly are, humans like to take pride and a very strange bit of passion in the devices that they manage to build. Those strange bits of passion are relevant in things like size, shape, and even color. But one of the strangest aspects is in how human these creations look. When we dip our imagination in things like film and story boarding, we generally prefer that the protagonists appear as human.


Because unknown even to ourselves, we have a tendency to see our own forms advanced and improved past the fleshy, milky and disgusting blood sacks that we are. How many times this year did you imagine for a single moment how amazing it would be if you could leap 200 feet in a single bound across skyscrapers? Maybe you’ve day dreamed about lifting ten times your own body weight clean over your head? The desire I’m speaking of is to be better than you already are.

I find it to be a contradiction because to me humanity is already perfect.

But we’re very fragile beings. And despite our advancements biologically-and believe me we have many of them that dwarf all other life forms on this planet-we still imagine ourselves somehow still improved.

Perfection is just our way of wanting to improve, and for that reason I could never blame anyone for wanting to strive for perfection.

It’s our natural desire to reach for that shade of darkness and uncertainty that we haven’t yet reached. But in our advancement, do we have to make it so blatantly obvious that we’re obsessed with our own failures?

Researchers are at it again with a new robot they call Kenshiro, an android that actually uses a muscle and skeletal system for its internal architecture. Obviously Kenshiro isn’t using human muscle tissue and skeletal bone marrow – get your head out of the clouds!!! Instead, this guy is crafted with a pulley and gear system to closely resemble a human body.

There it is again – that strange obsession. No one is bothering to ask why this robot was crafted so closely in resemblance to us – but whether or not its architecture is inspired to be just for show or an actual working robot remains to be questioned. By actual working, I mean a tool that we might possibly want to use for construction. Another odd factor about this robot is that weight distribution was also taken into account when he was built.

Weight distribution!

Engineers were actually worried about making him weigh as much as us. As if the purpose was to have Kenshiro stand in as a human replacement. Time will only tell, but I hope that the needs of these inventions remain miniscule in nature. I would hate to think of an army of superbly advanced robots enslaving humanity.

Anything is possible, folks!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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