February 2, 2013

Why PC Gaming Isn’t For You (Part 3)

Here we are again with our third reason why you shouldn’t bother with PC gaming. Hopefully you’ve read and accepted these points. Video gaming is all about the world we can create with new technology that you can have fun in. (You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

That world includes millions of gamers across different genres of play and different systems that, while they may never know each other, will always feel a sense of community by enjoying their time in World of Warcraft or Little Big Planet.

Sadly, one of us knows a guy with a 250 gig PS3 that can’t stop boasting about how awesome Uncharted 3 is. The same can be said about the girl with a 120 gig Xbox that plays nothing but Halo 4, day by day, melting faces with a sniper rifle. These two can debate it out on console superiority until the cows come home.

But let’s get to the third point, shall we?

3) Simplicity is Gone

Kiss it goodbye, because simplicity is not common amongst PC gamers. It has its occasional instances of simple game play installations and update performances, but for the most part we often experience technical difficulties. These technical difficulties can range from a missing .dll file, to a corrupt game save, or even a virus-infected game file.

If you choose to game primarily on a PC, you will run into a number of technical issues.  Why does it happen so frequently among PC gamers, as opposed to console games that, as most people put it, just work?

Current consoles have been out for almost eight years now. What that means is game developers have had almost a decade to experiment and perfect game coding on the same hardware for those same years. The hardware in those consoles hasn’t changed and probably won’t until next-gen hits the shelves. This is also the reason console graphics can push the bar as high as medium PC settings.

You shouldn’t confuse those amazing graphics with a potential to compete. While eight years of experimenting with HD consoles has made for some very beautiful games, physically generated items are what truly set the PC apart from consoles. There are tens of thousands of individual soldiers on a single side in Total War going up against another ten thousand, rendering each single person with their own A.I. and behavior in an HD battlefield.

Most PC gamers have custom rigs, meaning when a problem presents itself, they have to fix it themselves. That commitment and dedication to diagnosis defines them as gaming and technical enthusiasts. They’re prepared to run into issues in order to experience the joys of thousands of generated units in real time strategy games, as well as ten mile draw distances. It’s no small feat that most will have to overcome, but if you can, it would be completely worth basking in the experience.

For certain console gamers that experience isn’t worth it and it’s much more reasonable to stick to what they know. That’s completely alright and you should feel comfortable in your own setting to do whatever it is you want. Diagnose an issue, mount a large scale battle in Total War, or have it out with an army of Locust in Gears of War 2.

Whichever is most comfortable, you need stick to that and make it work. We’ll get to our next point in a future post. Until then I’d love to hear what you think on the simplicity of consoles.

Image Credit: RoboAwesome

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