Why Stop With Just Finding Nemo?
April 4, 2013

Why Stop With Just Finding Nemo?

Quick, think fast!

What happens when you find Nemo?

Well, in this case you end up with a classic movie, not to mention the highest-grossing animated film of all time. You’ve seen Finding Nemo more times than you were probably supposed to, but you just haven’t had enough yet, have you?

It’s a film that has made an insane amount of money and you DO know what happens to films that make an insane amount of money, right? They get the chance to have movie babies in the form of sequels and this Pixar flick is looking to continue the tried and true tradition. With the arrival of Monsters University  this coming summer, I don’t know why Pixar has been so sequel friendly lately  (well, maybe Disney breathing down their necks could be the motivation), but I just hope it isn’t because the legendary studio is running out of ideas at the moment, because that would be bad…very bad indeed.

Disney/Pixar has just announced the name of this sequel and it is (drum roll please)… Finding Dory.

Yes indeed, your favorite blue fish will be in the need of some finding.

So, onward to the story; Nemo is safe and sound, but the forgetful, Smurf-colored klutz, Dory, has gone missing a year after the happenings of the previous installment of the series. Marlin and Nemo, alongside some of your favorite returning characters, will travel down the California coastline to find their friend and complete their quest.

Okay, before you start boo-hooing all over your keyboard, yes, Ellen DeGeneres will be reprising her role as the forgetful blue fish who surprisingly would be a match made in heaven for Patrick Star from the Spongebob Squarepants television show.

That is all the information that Disney and Pixar are willing to share with us at this point in time, other than the fact that the film will be releasing on November 25th, 2015 (so there will be exactly zero excuses or reasons to not see this film; like school or work or anything crazy like that).

Now, we might just go ahead and label this a mindless cash-grab. Let us not question the motives of Pixar; its not like they have lead us astray (except for Cars 2, I can’t help but shed a tear). Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad but Pixar has been pretty good about juggling mainstream business tactics and crafting an artistic piece.

Let’s be honest here, there are a couple of questions that we have on our minds; is it going to be a bit awkward seeing Nemo aid in the search for someone else this time around?

Also, will Nemo have the courage to touch the butt?

I guess we’ll find out a few Thanksgivings from now, so mark your calendar… On second thought, maybe not. I’m sure Disney will have an ad campaign that will be impossible to ignore; either that or your kid (or the kid inside of you) will beg you see the movie.

Image Credit: Disney / Pixar

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