December 4, 2012

Why Veteran Gamers Lash Out At Call Of Duty

I don’t hate Call of Duty. I dislike the creative styles and designers behind the creation of Call of Duty. Allow me to explain a full detailed stanza on Activision and Treyarch’s critically acclaimed shooter series.

My first dive into online competitive shooters was about five years ago on Xbox 360 with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It was before The success of Gears of War 2 and Halo 4-and in a big way a lot of the courage and power behind our favorite series owes their success to the skyrocketing records that CoD has constantly smashed on an annual basis.

I hated CoD: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. Its single player was, and is still one of the best cinematic experiences that a first person shooter can offer to core gamers in this generation.

Ghillies in the Mist.

I have not seen a video game amount to the cinematic gold that that mission harbored. Now obviously we’ve seen cinematic moments in many shooters set critically acclaimed scenes and ignite the fire in tens of millions of gamers hearts across the planet.

Single player was awesome.

It was online multiplayer that I could not forgive, nor allow myself to sink into. It was too quick, too clunky, too many methods of running and gunning that I could not adhere to. Generally just a style of game play that I could never allow myself to immerse in. Most like to contend that I just don’t have any skill at shooters, and that I should crawl under a rock and die.

A 2.0 kill death ration in Gears of War 2 and 3.

That is my answer to that assertion.

I gave plenty of my time and patience to games, it was the constantly buggy and often far too quick mechanics of speed and pace. I hated that grenade launchers were dime a dozen, as well as the fact that ammunition and usage were far too easy and closely resupplied in a match. Where was the skill and fluidity of the game?

The pace and consistency of care packages didn’t help. Could someone explain to me why its plausible that using AI controlled bots and kill assistants to rack up a kill count as a reward for camping and utilizing noob tactics is respectable?

If you don’t know what a noob is, then you are a noob.

Aside from this, annual releases and marketing strategies by Activision also irritate me-why is it that every November, another Call of Duty is released when gamers who have jobs and families still haven’t     beaten the 3rd mission of CoD:Modern Warfare 2?

Are you going to tell me that the solution is that some gamers aren’t supposed to play video games like the rest of the world?

I might be inclined to agree, but it should never be thought of as a social norm. Video games are too be accepted by the masses of humanity as a legitimate means of entertainment and fun. If this can’t be accepted then your reasons for gaming clearly don’t comply with the rest of the world.

We’re not dogmatists.

And finally the icing on the cake, or insult to injury, were the sounds of squealing, screeching and screaming twelve year old children yelling racial and offensive obscenities to other team mates.

And I do mean racism.

Needless to say my anger never subsided and I began to resent not only CoD, but Activision as a whole. As I got older I felt stupid to simply state my hatred for the game. It’s only a game!!! Its the manufacturer that I truly resented. Can you imagine what its like to see a series that is clearly optimized both monetarily and aesthetically to take their series to heights that no other game can possibly reach-only to watch and sulk over the same annual release of boring rehashes and recycled multilayer map designs?

A lack of respect doesn’t begin to give voice to the frustration.

The solution? Stop playing. Seriously. CoD has reached a level of popularity that while veteran gamers can still boycott and express distaste and disdain for the series, it still manages to break sales records EVERY YEAR.

Clearly what you say doesn’t matter.

So leave!!! Its much simpler than you think.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon / Derrick Madison

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