Why We Dislike Battlefield 3
March 7, 2013

Why We Dislike Battlefield 3

DICE Entertainment has finally released End Game, the fifth and final installment of the expansion series for Battlefield 3 on PS3. It doesn’t really surprise me that they’ve decided to release the best of the bunch for last (DICE often does what I don’t want them to do), but here we go again as I prepare to fire up my PC for a little first person action.

I’ve had mixed feelings about Battlefield 3 as the years have gone by. Of course, I’ve had the same feelings about any other shooter that I’ve played. We can’t pretend that we’ve never raged in Halo or Gears of War. Like RPG buffs and RTS fans, I’ve grown very sick of Battlefield’s antics after five years, and I’m not the only one; the gaming world is also harbors anger toward Epic Games and Electronic Arts for the same weak and bland experiences. The feeling isn’t brand new, but dear God do I wish that I didn’t have to feel this way about such a polished game.

In the Beginning

I started my journey with Battlefield: Bad Company along with the promise of intense military style action. I suppose my root desire for the game was to have “My Own” shooter: Everyone around me had Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Lost Planet. Each of them were good at their respective games, and I wanted so very badly to be a part of the group-boasting about experiences that I’d never had before.

In the saddest state of circumstances, I still haven’t.

That same naivety hasn’t subsided even at the age of 20, but at least now I can make an accurate theory on why this game has caused me such grief.

The Premise

The goal is obvious; kill your enemy. (Not so much a conditioning of gamers as it is an overused premise.)

They drop you on a map with up to 15 others along with a few guns and large scale vehicles, paint you different colors as the other team, and set the game’s rules in your favor of victory as long as you defeat them within the allotted amount of time. All games have done this, but what tarnishes the integrity of the multiplayer is that you often feel that you never really had a chance to begin with.

Team-based combat is imperative to any victory in Battlefield 3; if you’re on your own, you’ll more than likely fail miserably in your match. For millions of Battlefield fans, this is a requirement that is heavily regarded and glorified. But to the thousands that are only beginning to pick up the game for the first time, it’s a hindering element that prevents any real accomplishment. DICE put no true support towards a social network for players to interact

The Truth

When your interest in the color swatches of the walls diminishes, when your fascination with the fire rate of every gun subsides, and when you find that the enemy has no respect for your enjoyment of the game, the true conditioning begins.

Battlefield 3 is a hunt; a quest to find your dominance in kill-streaks and gun medals. The enjoyment becomes a goal-your time becomes a grind.

But then again, every shooter is doing this nowadays. Is Battlefield really so bad?

Image Credit: DICE

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