November 15, 2012

Wii U Not Really For Us

I have thought for a very long time on the next new innovation in video games in hopes that the three musketeers (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) might possibly have thought along the same wish patterns as I and quite a few colleagues of mine that want to see a console fitted with a nanite detonator on its rear.

You know….for the crooks.

I’ve watched video games sparkle, mutate, procreate and revolutionize for over fifteen years now-and what never ceases to amaze me is the amount of crap that developers continue to squeeze out onto the stage at E3 conferences. Wii U? Come ahn. Really?

Am I being harsh? Suck it up.

What I respect in the games industry is the controller/keyboard and mouse revolution. I respect these aspects of gaming so much because unbeknownst to the gamers who don’t look beyond the controller: They’ve mastered the question of how to get your attention-your eyes are focused on the screen, your brain is tuned into the controller. Syncing together yoru commands and experiences. Real World is still the greatest invisible factor of video games. When you think of it like an ergonomic factor in the games industry you realize why its such a revolution. Forgive my tendencies to through out terms like ‘revolution’ and ‘war’, but isn’t that what leads today’s creative minds into tomorrow’s sunshine?

Ugh…..getting a little poetic.

The Wii U.

Apart from its ridiculous and unimaginative name, what stands out about this new console from Nintendo is that not only is your focus concentrated on the tv screen(Large or small depending on how big your screen is), but your eyes are also encouraged to be averted to a tiny tablet that sits in your lap.

Could you imagine playing Super Mario with two screens to give your attention to? Gamers have an incredibly tough time trying to get their eyes from the center of the screen to the border-why complicate it with a new screen all together?

Multi screen gaming isn’t new: The PC platform has been showcasing three screen setups for battlefield 3 and Crisis for years now, and the performances haven’t been anything short of amazing. But I’m gonna take a wild guess on that factor being attributed to their placing the screens directly beside each other. Perhaps the Wii U ‘s attempt at trying to be a console is a contribution to its unoriginality?

What do I mean when I say original? Ok, lets look back on Nintendo’s history of console releases.

It began with Gameboy. Nintendo made its very first array with Gameboy Pocket-it was small, and completely obsolete in terms of performance by today’s standards. But it was portable and efficient and it worked. Next was Gameboy Color-again, small and still not quite up to par by contemporary standards but for its time it was considered a social revolution. Gameboy advance followed soon after with a much more impressive ergonomic design, improved color palette and intriguing offer of advanced gameplay of its platform greats (Super Mario, Pokemon, Advance Wars).

The trend began to suit up for Nintendo as they made their next venture with handheld gaming into the Gameboy Advance SP-Insanely large improvement over its predecessor in terms of graphical and technical improvement and best of all: It has backlight capabilities. Can we get any better? Of course we can. Nintendo DS, the current flagship generation for the second decade of the 21st century of Nintendo’s handheld gaming platforms made its splash with a larger screen, built in WI-FI capabilities, and touch screen optimization for your touchy touchy needs.

And then Gamecube followed suite. This was the first time Nintendo had made a dip into the big boy console world. And what a splash that was!!! Seeing the 3D transition of our favorite Nintendo characters was nothing short of amazing. A new innovative, and revolutionary idea.

And then there was Wii. Motion controlled gaming: This console marked the beacon in history that signaled the direction of the games industry. Assuredly Playstation and Microsoft followed shortly after with Kinect and Move. Back then Nintendo was the leader of innovation in this industry.

Nintendo never stopped innovating and improving. For being apart of my early childhood I tip my hat off(If I had one) to one of the greatest game hardware companies known to man.

But the Wii U?

An innovative idea, but does it really stick to the tradition of ergonomically pleasing consoles that we’ve come to expect with Nintendo? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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