Will Kids Wear the Sexiest Halloween Costumes This Year?
October 28, 2013

Will Kids Wear The Sexiest Halloween Costumes This Year?

Every year there’s a scramble to come up with the most original and most creative costume for Halloween. But please keep those creative ideas age appropriate. An infographic published on the Tada.com blog shows that people are actually searching for some strange costumes, such as “costumes from the dead for kids,” and “sexy Halloween costumes for kids.” We’re not sure what age these kids are, but this may cross the line somewhat.

I don’t want to impose too many rules. I know there have been reports that some colleges are applying politically correct guidelines to students who dress up in costumes. However we might want to think about the age appropriateness of costumes for some smaller kids.

Image Credit: Tada.com

Image Credit: Tada.com

Some of the searches that Tada.com identified might cross over into that “age inappropriate” category. In addition to sexy Halloween costumes for kids, Tada.com also noticed people were searching for “sexy pirate costumes for teen girls,” “Belly dance costumes for children,” “sexy buzz light year costumes for girls,” “slutty Halloween costumes for tween girls,” and the almost appropriate “really really really scary costumes for 10 and up.”

There are some more age appropriate searches for sexy costumes happening on the web. Tada.com included a few. “Sexy Halloween costumes for 5 month pregnant woman,” “See through Halloween costumes for women,” “Halloween costumes to wear to exercise,” and “really cheap princess costumes for girls.”

Tada.com awarded the most unusual search for a costume as the “slutty bacon costume.” While that is highlighted as unique, there is actually an adult bacon costume dress available at Findcostume.com and a few other sites we found.

The most popular costume searches for babies include some old and new standards such as zombie, penguin, parrot, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie Brown. For kids, the top searches include minion, peacock, Lone Ranger, Minecraft Creeper and Assassin’s Creed. Adults go a bit sexy with the top searches coming in with camel, Elvira, Hocus Pocus, sexy minion and Bonnie and Clyde.

Some people might turn out the lights and forgo the spook night altogether. In addition to search terms, Tada.com and Bizrate conducted a survey of 7,315 online shoppers and found that 33 percent of seniors dislike Halloween and will probably go dark for the evening. Some may opt to go out to dinner to avoid some trick or treaters. Hopefully those seniors won’t get tricked. Generation Y makes up for a few spoil sport seniors. Generation Y rates Halloween as the fourth favorite holiday, after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s. Seniors, by the way, rank the holiday in eighth place.

Despite how one’s generation feels about Halloween, when kids are in the picture there will be costumes. The survey finds that 38 percent will be putting on a costume, and 15 percent won’t wear a costume, but will put a costume on their kids. Seventy percent will spend at least $25 on Halloween costumes; and 85 percent will spend at least $10 on candy.

Enjoy your Halloween. Be creative with your costumes. But think about how that slutty tween costume might not be one of those best choices.

Featured Image Credit: Thinkstock

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