Win-Win: Having More Sex Linked To Making More Money
August 21, 2013

Win-Win: Having More Sex Linked To Making More Money

If you want to seduce your partner, you could refer them to a lengthy discussion paper from the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany. OK, that doesn’t sound very hot, but the paper would inform them that people who have sex several times a week also have higher wages.

The study, reported on, said that the magic number was four times a week. The conclusions also mirror the findings of a Brazilian study from 2009. People who are having sex four times a week (or more) apparently earn on average five percent more than those who are getting lucky less.

Of course, you won’t get rich overnight just because you start getting jiggy with it on a more regular basis, but there must be some connection between those people who have regular sex and the higher wages they earn. The study and the observations made by its author Nick Drydakis in an email interview with CBS suggest that having more sex may actually lead to higher wages; it is a factor and cause, rather than it simply being a case of high earners also get laid a lot.

If more sex results in more money, rather than the other way around, the reason may be that regular sex provides the platform that people need to be vigorous and successful in other pursuits, such as work. Sex is a basic requirement, along with food, water, shelter and so on, which must be fulfilled if people are to function to the best of their ability in other areas of life. This theory is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — a well-known theory in psychology, which Drydakis cites.

Another plausible theory is that sex is linked to better health, both physical and mental. Better health leads to better productivity, and therefore more success in the workplace. On the flip side, a lack of sex (or love and attention in general) can result in anxiety, depression and other issues which may result in someone’s career being affected.

However, Drydakis also speculated that the formula might work in the opposite direction too — that higher wages lead to more sex. This could be because high earners have the money to date more, and perhaps of even greater importance they have the money to impress their dates (or their long term partners).  Drydakis suggested that people might be thanked with sex for the gifts they lavish on their partners.

The psychological impact of being successful and having a bit of money to throw around could be a factor for the earner/spender too, as well as his or her lucky date (this is my theory now, not Mr Drydakis’ — FYI). If someone is feeling good about themselves, then they are more likely to be in the mood for sex. However, if they feel they don’t present a good package or, worse still, have money worries leading to anxiety, then their libido might be affected.

It’s a chicken and egg situation, and difficult to say for sure whether more sex leads to more money or the other way around. But you could have fun trying to find out.

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