Windows Phone: The Good, The Bad And The Potential
July 22, 2013

Windows Phone: The Good, The Bad And The Potential

The Windows smartphones may not have the biggest fanbase in the world (or a fanbase at all), but that doesn’t mean that they have terrible phones that aren’t worth sh*t (and yes, I know some of you out there disagree with that). Loaded with cool features, a nice looking interface, and having the possibility of becoming a huge media giant when its tag team partner, the Xbox One, finally enters the ring, what could stop the windows phone from proclaiming dominance?

Well, maybe delays could be the answer.

Yes, yet again the Windows mobile is hit with delays. First and most notable is that the large overhaul updates known as “Windows Blue” are rumored to be pushed back until 2014. What was Windows Blue? No one really knows (outside of those at Microsoft), but many think of it to be like the service pack 2 of the mobile Windows platform, which of course wouldn’t be a bad thing in their case.

According to Mashable, the company wanted to bring consumers more updates more frequently, but apparent bugs in the updates and other problems with chipsets and such have caused them to slow down the plans and double back on their promised mission.

That should be all the bad news for now (for their sake they should hope that’s the last for a while) and although the Blue updates are a long shot for now, there are a few new bundles of joy hitting the smartphones from Microsoft sometime. GDR2 (General Distribution General Release 2) will be arriving in the next few weeks and with that comes with the fixing of bugs within the Xbox music app, like the inclusion of album information, easier downloading, etcetera. Other improvements include an FM radio, updated Skype performance and better camera functionality among many others.

This is all well and good, but I am willing to bet that the majority of Windows phone owners are waiting for the “Blue” updates to be their savior and proclaim OS dominance (or at least gain a bigger spot in the market share). And how could they not? The Blue updates come with the promises of built-in app updates and better multitasking abilities while the GDR3 updates promise better processing abilities for future handsets.

Aside from the Blue updates, what can Microsoft possibly be hiding in the cards to further their chances of running into that number one spot? Of course, they could be stalling out on the obvious, which would be connectivity between the Xbox services and the phones themselves. I can imagine better Xbox Smartglass enhancements all from the comfort of a smartphone, but they may be waiting for the arrival of their latest home console, the Xbox One.

Maybe a mass marketing campaign to attack the already growing interest the Xbox One by the public would further make consumers aware of the possibilities and capabilities of their native mobile platform.

Well, they’ve definitely had a mix of good with the bad, but this holiday season may have a few gifts in the fortunes of Microsoft… or maybe not. Anything can happen.

Image Credit: Kostenko Maxim / Shutterstock

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