January 31, 2013

Winter Fun Has No Age Limit

Everyone has a child inside no matter how old we get. We think back to the things we did when we were children, but you grow up and have kids of your own. Then you become grandparents, and even great-grandparents. And all the fun you had as a child is just memory. Well not today!!!!!!

Overnight, we received a few inches of snow and a thought crossed our minds. Let’s go sliding, forgetting for a while that I am in my early fifties and my wife is sixty. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren do not live close enough to go sliding with, so we decided to bring back the kid in us and hit the slopes. Well, our little hill in the back yard.

I went to the store in town and bought a couple of sleds, remembering the types I used as a child. They were the old flying saucer and a sit down plastic sled. Both were there, so I purchased them and came back to the house.

We got dressed up in some warm clothes and walked around back to the top of the little knoll in our back yard. It didn’t feel so little on the first trip down. I sat on the plastic sled, steadied myself and pushed off. Almost immediately the sled rocketed to a speed I was totally not expecting and a shout was released, “oh ****.”  As I reached the bottom, the sled didn’t slow and I had to guide it to avoid a head-on with a large tree. When the sled finally stopped, I stood and turned to see my wife laughing.

I strolled carefully back to the top of the knoll and steadied the flying saucer for my wife’s turn to speed down the snowy slope. She said, “ok, let go but don’t push.” I did and she went down  in a different direction to avoid the few trees that line the bottom of the hill. Somewhere in the center of her track down, she hit a little bump and went airborne, landing several feet further down. But she never fell off the sled.

After each of us made a few more runs down the hill, the dogs wanted to join in on the fun. So I grabbed their leashes and brought them out from their play yard. Brandy, our girl and Brady, our boy, eight month old pups, were all excited to have a crack at the hill. Well, from the experience of the last time we tried sliding, they were more interested in chasing rather than sliding. Then I had an idea. What if I sit in the sled and have them pull me?

That didn’t work until my wife made another run and when she reached the bottom she shouted to the pups “com-on,” and they took off dragging me across the snow like a rocket. I walked back to the top, sled in one hand, dogs in the other. Sure enough, my wife didn’t make it back up so easy, she slipped, sled went flying and she tumbled and rolled to the bottom. I shouted, “are you ok,” as she laid on her back laughing. The pups looked concerned while they sat calmly beside me. Then my wife hollered, jokingly of course, “Help me, help me.” The pups I guess didn’t think it was a joke so they took off unexpectedly dragging me with them. I tried to steady myself like I was on skis, but half way down the hill I lost my balance and landed face first, still hanging onto the leashes. They dragged me the rest of the way down on my belly. After about ten minutes of laughter, and being smothered by two excited pups, we stood and called it a day.  When the next storm comes, we will bundle ourselves up and give it another try.

You are never too old to have fun. Let the child come out once in a while, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Image Credit: Mammut Vision / Shutterstock

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