December 9, 2012

Xbox Is Here To Stay!!!

Well, the 360 is anyway. And when you think about it, did you really expect it to leave? Joke’s on you Motorola!!!

Xbox has been around for about seven long and tumultuous years now. We have seen many holiday specials on discounted games, including the endings and beginnings of entire trilogies we thought lost to the ages.

The sick and twisted drifts and crashes of Forza 3 and the amazing building leaps of Crackdown. And of course, let’s not forget the waves of enemy forces in Halo Wars (Halo 3’s sad and nostalgic ending) and Halo 4’s historic rebirth of the Master Chief! Marcus Fenix’s deep dark journey into the hollows of the planet Sera, his adventures with the endless hordes of Locust, and the epic boss battles with General RAAM, Skorge, and of course the elegant, and somehow hot, Locust Queen.

The heart warming ending when Marcus finally takes off his armor pieces as the ashes of the Locust army disintegrate to all around the planet – it’s been a wonderful console generation. Long and tedious to say the least, but quite memorable and to be our reference stone for many decades to come. This console has offered many gamers a home entertainment system – not only this, but a service as well.

But some how, despite the memories and happiness that have been brought to consumers by Xbox, there are always those that seek to destroy and pillage. No matter the cost of whose childhood is ruined, or whose happy time is utterly destroyed. Time will show you – these guys may put off an aesthetic of care and love from inside the boardroom while their stock prices are still rich and bountiful. But let the profit margin change one percent in the wrong direction, and these “Civilized people….They’ll eat each other..”

Remember Toonami?

I’m speaking on Motorola, whom I thought actually had class in this giant tech free for all. They’ve failed like so many others at suing Microsoft over technology patents. They’re desired payment? The entire ban on manufacture and selling of xbox 360’s in the US. Can you imagine? How can they expect to make such a blow against a product as large as Xbox 360? If you don’t know by now, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and somehow Motorola as well, have all been taking light jabs at each other for the past few years on exclusivity and general badassedness.

The problem? Despite their best intentions, these 4 giants can’t seem to get over the fact that their hardware will somehow be intertwined until they can find a way to generate their own versions. If Apple had coders figuring out a way to create a social networking site that rivaled Facebook, do you know how big that lawsuit would be?

They’d both go rampant with blood lust. It’s moves like these that decide how each individual corporation moves forward in their respective futures. Do you know why Nintendo hasn’t tried to get serious with the console war and hardcore gamers who prefer the shooters? CoD, Halo, Killzone, and Uncharted? It’s because Nintendo has always attempted the next innovation in video games. That challenge on themselves for innovation means that they have a certain portion of the market that they must remain exclusive to in order to maintain height and momentum in the industry.

Their result? Nintendo’s Wii was predominately thought of as a fitness console – with well over 90% of their console sales coming from family homes that wished for more family-fitness games. Who can blame Nintendo for catering to their crowd?

We all gotta get a nut somehow.

Let me know what ya think!!!

Image Credit: NarayTrac / Shutterstock

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