Xbox Live’s New Pizza Hut App
April 27, 2013

Xbox Live’s New Pizza Hut App

Simply blur the line of stupidity as we slowly blend the sides of gaming and pure laziness into one, piss-poor medium. Hats off to Microsoft for their innovative and questionable business practices. Why are they questionable? We can begin by examining the past few years of innovation that started with Xbox Live. But to pinpoint the exact origins is a tricky process; it’s not simply a chronological progression meter that we’re viewing.

Microsoft’s exploits began as early as the foundation of their games sector, with the beginnings of the original Xbox, released in 2001. They developed the console to combat Sony’s PlayStation 2 and consequently steal away the audience of that time period. Microsoft would find that they’d succeeded, but only in a small part, as Sony hadn’t completely lost their fan base. While true, Sony’s original PlayStation dominated the market in the mid to late nineties, Microsoft only managed to divide different social groups of gamers with improved visuals and an innovative user interface.

That goal grew more apparent when the Xbox 360 reached its fourth year on the market. In the year of 2009, Microsoft updated the console’s dashboard with a more user-friendly interface geared towards a casual sort of individual. Not exactly a gamer, but not exactly a stranger either. This user interface made it much easier for people to sink into the habit of impulse spending; Hulu Plus, Netflix, Zune, and various other services all being major contributors to that effort.

The goal was to make Xbox live as indiscernible from your computer or TV as any other advertisement service. The next goal is obviously to attack the living room; make the console a blissful box of trust with everyday activities like music and video searching. YouTube, Bing, and Zune all contribute to this. Now, we have external food services making a splash on the Xbox Live dashboard.

Pizza Hut is now allowing Live users to download their free app service and configure their own pizza. After your configuration is finished, you may purchase your configured pizza via the app without ever putting down the controller.

God forbid pulling out your phone from your pocket and simply calling them.

This is what Microsoft plans to innovate with in the future; a seamless, effortless takeover of your living room by eliminating the need for you to do external activities. When we wanted to avoid being outside in a hot boiling sun, cowering in fear at sweated t-shirts and smelly socks, Nintendo’s Wii U eliminated our needs of stepping outside.

When it became apparent that using music to reel in potential buyers was effective, PSN and Xbox Live developed their respective music services to eliminate the need to use a computer. It’s an entertainment box, capable of harboring your basic digital needs without edging too far away from your games.

Time will tell if this box will truly be the future of Xbox Live gamers.

Image Credit: Laborant / Shutterstock

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