Xbox Mini Rumors Circulating
April 17, 2013

Xbox Mini Rumors Circulating

The next generation of hardware is kicking off quite nicely with a publicity extravaganza for Sony and the PS4, while Nintendo’s Wii U is steadily picking up the momentum with third party support for games. However, Microsoft has remained silent on the issue at hand when gamers consistently send emails and hand written letters to the software giant about their next generation console, the Xbox 720.

“We don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” a Microsoft spokesman said when questioned by GamesBeat.

Will you comment on IGN’s constant bashing of your console? IGN still remains my main hub of Internet and video game news, which in turn provides the steady chunk of material that I write with. But I take a personal gripe with IGN’s editors in favoring Sony’s PS4 so much (which they should, the console is awesome) while showing the 720 nothing but negative backlash. I can’t accuse them all, but I can certainly say that the website is known for its love of Sony’s PlayStation.

Rumors of Microsoft’s Xbox 720 have surfaced for the past few months, most notably over the mechanics of its use of always-online features. For those that don’t know, always online DRM has gotten quite a negative reaction by gamers both from speculation on the 720 and with Electronic Arts’ SimCity, which was plagued by glitch bugs and first week mayhem for honest customers.

The risks aren’t true risks, but it does make the box feel like a prison. What gamer wants to play a machine that shuts off in the middle of playing Fallout because of a power outage?

I often considered how blasphemous the move would be had Microsoft truly gone for something like this, but a new rumor has surfaced that places my faith back in their ability to lead.

A surge of websites have speculated  about Microsoft announcing not one, but two Xbox consoles either in May or at E3. The first console, called the Xbox mini, is essentially an Xbox 360 without a disc drive, that has been optioned to connect to your cable box for TV. This may possibly be the source of the rumors of always online console that have surged so rapidly. The report suggests that the console might allow gamers to download whatever game they’ve already bought according to their gamer tag, which I don’t understand fully yet, eliminating the burden of re-buying old games.

The actual next gen 720 console was rumored to be Microsoft’s combating to Sony’s PS4, with similar specs and a price range set competitively according to whatever the PS4’s price will be. The 720 was also rumored to not actually block used games or always need to be online, as previously assumed by the public.

These are still just rumors, but they do seem to offer a logical explanation for Microsoft’s silence, despite the negative coverage in online media. Who knows, perhaps this is Microsoft’s way of tackling both Apple TV while maintaining a presence in the video game industry.

More updates will be released when these rumors have been addressed, likely if or when Microsoft announces it this May or at E3.

Image Credit: / Microsoft

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