Xbox One And Lovely Censorship
December 5, 2013

Xbox One And Lovely Censorship

Since the days of Halo and Master Chief, Microsoft has always had to deal with childish language and large populations of immature gamers on Xbox Live. You might have heard about the constant profanity and lack of respect for anybody’s mother, but the problem with Live’s service for most people has always been unwanted language from a less mature population.

What’s the alternative? Sitting through 15-minute online matches and being forced to endure stupid people.

Microsoft feels your pain, they really do.

To combat unwanted language in the future generations of Xbox users, Microsoft has taken to innovating a very strict no foul language rule for its Upload Studio service. How strict? If you upload any video with any cursing in it whatsoever, you’ll be permanently banned from Xbox Live for good. I hate loud-mouthed Xbox users as much as the next guy, but it seems like Microsoft is being a bit overbearing on this one.

For starters, you can’t get rid of negative people by eliminating negative language. That may not be the goal of their language policy, but what would be the point of having such an unreasonable punishment to people who accidentally mutter the word bitch? It feels like they’re trying to send a message to the populace that they don’t appreciate foul language, which is fine, but being unreasonable is far worse than being immature.

I love you Microsoft, but you’re being stupid.

Don’t get me wrong. Maintaining a code of conduct is always welcomed in an environment that has so many child and adult users co-existing in the same games. But the days of immature children and Halo Combat Evolved are over.

We’re in the year 2013, 12 years after the golden age of Halo and Xbox Live. I think the time has come that Microsoft should think a bit more about where we are now as a community, and not where they want us to be. The gamers will not accept a code of conduct so strict without a lot of vocal debating and angry letters to the Microsoft HQ.

A more subtle use of their policy would be to innovate a reputation system that grows with the player’s progress with making friends.

Their Xbox Live cards could reflect negative words for negative behavior, such as “Bad Sport” and “Potty Mouth.” Much like the current recommendation system on Xbox 360, this would allow players to review other players in a snap, while at the same time keeping the speed and pace of navigating around the Xbox interface.

The best part about that system is that it allows the gamers to openly judge other gamers, and not the company. Judgment from the company might be their entire issue, but who knows?

If you’re having issues with Upload Studio or have an opinion on the matter, leave a comment in the section below!

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