Xbox One Delayed Until 2014 For Eight European Countries?
August 25, 2013

Xbox One Delayed Until 2014 For Eight European Countries?

Well ouch! Amidst a continuous outpour of policy changes, including the no longer needed Kinect 2.0 sensor and a few unannounced exclusives, Microsoft has one more bit of shocking news for our friends in Europe who’ve had their eyes on the Xbox One. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One will not be available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and finally Switzerland. Pretty much 50 percent of Europe will have to wait until 2014 for the release of the Xbox One as Microsoft is likely concentrating all of their focus and energy on the US release of the console.

Is it a smart move or is it an obvious abandonment of the European markets in favor for the obviously more profitable are? From the looks of it, Microsoft is undoing their umbrella for the long and lonely cloud of next gen losses. I’d hate to be THAT guy, but what else can I say about an industry that is still seeing a continuous loss in its profits year-by-year? $60 games, unbelievable retail prices from game stores, and now it’s okay to charge another $400 for a stronger engine and some updated games? The indie market seems to be the only indication that video games can still be witty and smart. Are we that desperate?

Well, what can we say about Sony, the only real rival to Microsoft’s X1 with their fantastically awesome PS4? Sony’s had a moderate to decent success selling the Playstation 3 worldwide, with most of the North American profits going to Microsoft. Like Nintendo, they look to create visual and perplexing experiences that you simply can’t find anywhere.

And still-is it fair at all that Microsoft feels that they are justified (beyond a ‘Sorry, we don’t have what you want’ speech) in their decision to concentrate their sails completely in the direction of the American markets? Let’s be completely honest. Microsoft holds a HUGE portion of the U.S. market with their accessory and game sales, so what’s a little bit of exclusivity to the console’s home land going to do?

To be honest, I vouch for them. I really do. I don’t think it’s fair that a company places the burden of reliability on themselves in front of an industry that desperately needs a savior. The economy’s starting to pick up the pace (just a little, come on.) a bit after over ten years of sad days for broke gamers. With a little luck and a whole lot’ of prayer, Both Microsoft and Sony can bring console gaming back to its peak as we take this ship towards the next generation of home experiences.

Power to the gamers! But what do you think about this development?

Image Credit: Gow27 / Shutterstock

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