Yellow Jacket iPhone Taser Case
March 2, 2013

Yellow Jacket iPhone Taser Case

It’s not often that we’re left without our cell phones.

These devices are almost physically attached to us at all times, always within arm’s reach. As such, there have been several attempts to give these devices dual-functionality, first as a smartphone and also as a…fill in the blank. There are cases meant to improve the functionality of the camera, cases meant to act as a wallet, and even cases made to be used with other cases.

Now, the latest added functionality case comes to us by way of Louisiana startup Yellow Jacket. Besides keeping your iPhone relatively safe, it also keeps you safe, thanks to a 650K volt taser built in to the back of the case.

Co-founder Seth Froom said he first got the idea after he had been violently attacked at his house one evening. Though he had firearms in his house, and even a taser disguised as a cell phone, when it really mattered, Froom was left with nothing to protect him.

When it matters, it’s entirely likely you’ll have your phone with you, too.

There are some notable and immediately recognizable issues to tackle when combining a “loud, menacing and painful” taser to the back of something that is meant to be pawed at all day or placed near your head.

There’s also the fact that a great number of people drop their cell phones in the toilet every day.

The makers of Yellow Jacket say that it is safe, thanks to a dual safety switch. To use the Yellow Jacket, you must first disarm the first safety on the side of the case, then flip down the cover which guards the electrodes.

Sounds safe enough. It’s probably not any less safe than carrying a traditional taser in your car or purse. This one just happens to be a little more personal.

Speaking of personal, the Yellow Jacket is available in three colors; Black, white and the ever-menacing pink.

And because it takes a whopper of a battery to deliver 650K volts to two closely spaced diodes, the Yellow Jacket can also double as an external battery, giving your iPhone another 20 hours of additional charge.

Though, it sort of defeats the purpose to use this external battery to power a phone and leave yourself without the proper amount of juice when you’d most like to have it.

The creators of Yellow Jacket first announced their taser last summer with a successful Indiegogo campaign that was completely funded with only three hours left to go.

Now, many months later, Yellow Jacket has opened up preorders for these taser cases for $139.

Currently, the Yellow Jacket only fits the iPhones 4 and 4S, though Froom says they plan to releases cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III sometime in the “first quarter of 2013.”

It’s never fun to think about what may happen in our worst nightmares and it’s certainly never a good idea to act solely based on fear. Yet, there is something to be said for always being prepared. That said, besides the very obvious safety hurdles that accompany this phone, the only other downside to such a case is just how large and ugly it is. Though I guess that’s really not going to matter if you find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to use the Yellow Jacket as a taser.

Image Credit: Yellow Jacket

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