Your Phone Can Read Your Mind
September 29, 2013

Your Phone Can Read Your Mind

The human mind is a wondrous thing. It is capable of so much creativity and innovation. In many ways, it works like a computer, storing data that it can then later recall at will. It is constantly growing, constantly learning. Constantly taking in new data and adapting to it, changing itself to better use the new information it has gleaned. In fact, one of the only problems with the human mind is that it can be easy to become stagnate. Lazy. People can very easily lose focus or concentration, especially when working on long, daunting tasks. So, how do you deal with that? How do you help your brain get back on track? Soon, we may have an answer to that and it is called the Muse.

The Muse is a sleek little headband designed to wirelessly link to your smart phone or tablet, and then it reads your mind. The human brain runs on electronic impulses, much like the rest of our bodies. It is through these impulses that all things of the mind are possible; thought, feeling, emotion, focus, and more. The Muse is able to detect and interpret these impulses, turning your brain’s signals into something that can be read by the device it’s connected to. Using this, the Muse is able to work like a heart-monitor for your head. When you exercise, a heart-monitor is able to read your heart rate and other information, sending it to you so that you can get more out of your exercise. The Muse works the same for thought. As you play a series of thought-provoking games, mental exercise, the Muse is able to read the electronic impulses of your brain to determine when you are losing focus so it can alert you, causing you to refocus, and get the most out of your cerebral workout.

Imagine what future innovations might come of this technology. Being able to control your electronic devices with mere thought used to dwell in the realm of pure science fiction, but now it seems entirely possible. There are some who might find such a device unnerving, the idea that it can read brainwaves and transmit signals is more than enough to inspire many a conspiracy theory, but that is the case with most new innovations. While I do not necessarily wish my actual thoughts to be read and then transmitted to others without my knowing, that is not what this device does. It reads impulses and recognizes patterns, not reads your thoughts word for mental word. For now, I fully believe that many in the world could fully make use of a cerebral exercise program. Even in writing this, I find myself drawn to YouTube and other distractions. Something to help maintain focus would be more than welcome.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Muses were the goddesses of inspiration. They inspired mankind to create great works of literature, science, poetry, and the arts. Soon, they may be so once again thanks to InteraXon, the developers of the Muse. By helping improve focus and concentration, the Muse may indeed inspire new works of great art and science, living up to its namesake in ways that will potentially improve the lives of countless people, just like the goddesses of old.

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