December 12, 2012

YouTube Is Arming Its Guns

No, YouTube does not legally possess guns that I can accurately publicize in this post. Please, seek professional help.

As previously stated, YouTube doesn’t have guns. I would hate for one of the Internet’s biggest social media websites to set such a low standard as to harbor fire arms.

They revolutionized cute and cuddly kitten’s, for God’s sake.

What they do possess is a badge of honor and victory, merit in an online world for showing the most popular cultural icons in the world. Psy, Justin Beiber (among other teenage boy toys) and, of course, the infamous Lady Gaga.

How does she live, anyway?

These pop culture icons are the tools utilized by YouTube to bring in consumers, which is honestly my favorite thing about them. If you’re not paying for it, then you are the product. That’s quite a change in American economics, if you ask me. EVERYTHING costs something, one way or the other. Whether it be money or your dignity, everybody’s trying to drain you of some literal or figurative monetary source.

And then again, most of YouTube’s business goal is to get you to buy into their consistent advertisements on big YouTube hits. Now maybe that motive is ulterior and hidden to most of the general public – assuming that you’re oblivious – but we all gotta eat when the dinner bell rings in.

People still use dinner bells, right?

YouTube is arming their website with a few more ‘upgrades‘ to better enhance their ergonomic pleasure for the consumer. From what the article states, it sounds a lot to me like YouTube is shifting their website into a social media friendly website. Not necessarily surprising, and even less expected considering videos are the real bulk of YouTube’s glory.

They plan to initiate an improvement to the interface of the site, while allowing signed in members the ability to see your subscribed channels and general interests. This isn’t really news to me, since that feature has already been on YouTube for quite some time. I believe the emphasis is to add this feature to mobile devices, which I definitely feel is a smart move for that kind of marketing strategy.

I thought about this the other night, actually. Mobile devices are the casual computer revolution in the making. People don’t sit in their homes all day anymore. They prefer to be out in the world at the cafe, mall and thrift stores littered around your local strip mall area. These people are connected to the Internet; their contacts, bank info, and even personal information is keyed into the system. That system has become a living organism that reacts and acts back on your actions, depending on who your cellphone carrier is. But let’s examine it in the short and sweet sense: YouTube is looking to improve their website by attaching its trademark more closely to mobile devices.

Of course, the upgrade is for every iteration of computer but I see it being more of a phenomenon on a smart phone.

What do you guys think?

Image Credit: Photos.com

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