Yowie: The Australian Bigfoot
April 19, 2013

Yowie: The Australian Bigfoot

In the wilderness of Australia, there is a legendary beast called the Yowie, also known as a Yahoo. It is similar to our own Bigfoot. The Aborigine legends describe the creature as hairy and ape-like that stands upright measuring between seven and twelve feet tall. It has a flat nose and large feet just like our own Bigfoot. There have been different opinions on the behavior of this creature. Some say it is fairly shy, while others say it is very aggressive.

Thousands of sightings of this creature date back to the early 1700’s, with eye witness accounts still occurring today. The descriptions of present sightings are similar to those of the past when the first sightings occurred. Reports of deep growling and grunting that is out of the human vocal range leaves investigators bewildered.

Footprints have been cast of this creature and sent to the Idaho State University for examination and it was determined to be an authentic print that matches our own Sasquatch.

Actual encounters are rare, but there are a few people that have properties near where the creature lives and they are seen on a regular basis.

The origin of the name “Yowie” is believed to have been given to the creature by through Aborigine legends. There have been several stories written from the nineteenth century supporting this claim.

This from an 1842 European account: “The natives of Australia believe in the Yahoo. This being they describe as resembling a man of nearly the same height, with long white hair hanging down from the head over the features the arms are extraordinarily long, furnished at the extremities with great talons, and the feet turned backwards, so that, on flying from man, the imprint of the foot appears as if the being had traveled in the opposite direction.”

Eyewitness accounts of this creature:

Mr. H. J. McCooey wrote in an article in the late 1800’s, “a few days ago I saw one of these strange creatures on the coast between Bateman’s Bay and Ulladulla. I should think that if it were standing perfectly upright it would be nearly 5 feet high. It was tailless and covered with very long black hair, which was of a dirty red or snuff-colour about the throat and breast. Its eyes, which were small and restless, were partly hidden by matted hair that covered its head. I threw a stone at the animal, whereupon it immediately rushed off.”

An outbreak of sightings occurred in 1912 and McCooey offered to capture a creature for the Australian Museum.

In 1994 a man claimed to see one of the creatures in the Brindabella Ranges.

In 1996 a couple from Newcastle claim to have seen a Yowie between Braidwood and the coast. They described it as a shaggy creature that walked upright around seven feet tall.

In August 2000 a bushwalker recorded an encounter with a Yowie on video. Known as the “Piper Film”.

In 2010 a man noticed a Yowie in his garage describing it as a juvenile creature covered in hair with long arms that tried to communicate with him.

In March 2011 the National Parks and Wildlife Service received a report of a Yowie encounter west of Sydney. The witness filmed the creature along with photographs of the footprints it left.

In May 2012 a United States television crew caught the howl of a Yowie on the Queensland border.

These were just a few of the thousands of eyewitness accounts of the Yowie, the Australian version of Bigfoot.

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Image Credit: Andreas Meyer / Shutterstock

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